A series of original proposals for business events. Workshops in open spaces or in rooms where they will learn about plants and the environment. Let's create different experiences together!


    We coordinate activities with positive impact on our planet. With an extensive catalog we will help you choose the activity that best suits the values of your company.

  • Crea un Huerto

  • Nendo Dango

  • Let´s plant a tree together

  • Taller crasas y kokedamas

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Why us?

We offer grupal activities with an environmental focus. Our mission is to achieve a connection with nature, with you and with your group. We take care of every detail to build special moments.


I am Lucía Michalun, Agricultural Engineer and founder of Crea un Huerto.

My passion is helping people connect with nature and their diet by creating gardens and training programs for all ages.

Do you want to start a project with social and environmental impact? Write to us!


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