About Crea un Huerto

Crea un Huerto is a company specialized in ecological gardens. We can help you to grow food at home or at any other place.


We coordinate orchard projects in schools, institutes and centres >de formation throughout Catalonia.

We believe that the school garden is a valuable space to put learning into practice and add enriching experiences that will be taken away to your future.

To achieve projects that are sustaining in the time we work both the technical part and the accompaniment to the educational institution.

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We design and coordinate group days to plant trees, aromatic plants and set up orchards.

It is an activity with a great impact on the environment and the strong>community that is beneficiary.

We will survey the site for the activity, design the plantation and provide all the materials.

A morning in the sun with your team helping our planet!

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Can you imagine the taste of freshly picked tomatoes and strawberries in your home garden? And the freshness of the lettuce that is not wrapped in plastic?

If you have always wanted an organic garden from which to feed yourself, take refuge or discover nature > otherwise, we can help you make it happen.

  • Sustainable

    Biodiversity and environmental protection in our projects.

  • Organic

    Orchard and garden management without chemical products.

  • Responsible

    We work with local companies to minimize our environmental footprint.

Do you want to begin a project? Leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as posible.