Huerto escolar con cajones elevados, listo para comenzar a sembrar. Un día de sol.

Our project

We accompany schools in the process of implementing a school garden project. We integrate ecological production techniques with school dynamics to generate a planning adapted to the rhythm of nature and the educational center.

Through activities associated with the orchard, gardening and the environment we bring science learning into the practical world , mathematics and language.

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Benefits of growing food at school

Develops positive aspects in young people such as team work , concentration and responsibility towards other living beings. It is a space to connect with nature and it helps to channel stressful situations.

  • Training

    We believe that learning is the basis for any project. We involve the teaching team and offer tools to manage the garden over time.

  • Planning

    Specialized in horticulture and with experience in the educational sector, we offer month-to-month planning of the garden. A step by by step guide with technical advice.

  • Materials

    Seeds, plants, tools and elements for composting. We facilitate the management of materials so that the garden is ecological.

Our mission

We see the school garden as a comprehensive learning space. In the garden we observe the cycles of nature. We learn to respect her and take care of her day by day.

With the teaching team of each school, we apply concepts of ecology, mathematics, history and develop artistic and motor skills.

For us, teaching to grow organic food is our grain of sand to have a sustainable future.


Shall we begin?