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Microplants Pack - Special offer 4 houses for the price of 3

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These houses have a “garden” where you can grow micro-plants of broccoli, mustard, radish or arugula and thus fill your salads and snacks with color, flavor and texture. What are microplants? They are plants harvested in their first stages of growth, which gives them a high nutritional value and a more concentrated flavor. Each kit includes an envelope with organic seeds, a dehydrated substrate tablet, a sprayer and the instructions to carry out your cultivation.


BROCCOLI: It can be considered a “superfood” due to its nutritional and antioxidant characteristics. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Beneficial for the immune system. Bitter-spicy taste. Perfect for salads or snacks.

MUSTARD: High in vitamin C, which makes it beneficial for the skin, sight and respiratory system. "Sweet-spicy" flavor, ideal to add to salads, creams or pasta.

RADISH: Antioxidant properties thanks to its high flavonoid content. Spicy flavor, which goes perfectly with salads, fresh cheese and sushi.

RUCULA: High in minerals such as potassium or calcium and in vitamins A and C. It contains powerful antioxidants, reduces cholesterol and aids in digestion. Slightly spicy flavor that combines with salads, cheeses and cold pasta.


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