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Organic fertilizer with calcium for tomato and pepper

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  • Ecological fertilizer rich in calcium for tomato and pepper cultivation. Corrective effect of immediate action. It constitutes a basic contribution in the phases of fruit setting and fruiting, so important for ensure productivity. It favors the final quality of the fruit and avoids possible nutritional imbalances that can lead to fruit cracking or blossom end rot in horticultural crops. 100% Natural and Harmless Product for animals and plants. Composition: Calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water 31% p/p; Calcium oxide (CaO) complexed by LS 5% w/w

    What is Calcium?

    Calcium is a structural component of the cell wall and is involved in the permeability of the plasma membrane. Therefore, it intervenes in the transport of photoassimilates, that is, it contributes to the filling of the fruits. The growth of new shoots and new roots depends on optimal levels of calcium. The deficiencies of this are manifested in the young organs of the plant, given the limited mobility via the phloem.

    Lack of calcium in tomatoes and peppers

    Apical rot is a disease that occurs due to lack of calcium. If your soil is calcareous and you suffer from this physiopathy, it is because the calcium found in the soil is blocked and cannot be assimilated by plants. This calcium is locked with phosphorous in the soil to form calcium triphosphate. It can occur in acid or poorly watered soils because without water they do not absorb calcium. We can solve it with applications of products that contain calcium, they have to be products with calcium chelated by organics, which allow the calcium molecule to penetrate the plant, otherwise the calcium will act as a simple salt displacer. Calcium application should start at the beginning of the crop, because calcium is a large molecule that has a hard time translocating inside the plant, and if we treat when we already see the problem or deficiency, we will continue to have a small decrease. until the plant absorbs the calcium.


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