Huerto escolar con cajones elevados, listo para comenzar a sembrar. Un día de sol.

Huerto Escolar

Discover the environment that surrounds us.

Themes like growing vegetables at school, art and experiments.

We will do:

Sowing and care of vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants.

Experiments and educational activities.

Artistic expression using elements of the nature.

Benefits of growing food at school

Develops positive aspects in young people such as team work , concentration and responsibility towards other living beings. It is a space to connect with nature and it helps to channel stressful situations.

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We believe it´s important to teach each generation how to grow organic food.

We feel a deep enthusiasm when we see each plant grow. Observe nature, respect it and take care of it day by day.

Teaching how to grow organic food is our way to have a sustainable future.