¡Crops to grow the whole year!

Hello to this beautiful community!

I am glad to start the Crea un Huerto´blog . A space where I will share my humble experience in the vast world of horticulture . For those who enjoy learning year after year and admiring nature in across the seasons, it is a one-way journey ❤️.

Let's start ...

The first thing I want to say is that it is not necessary to have:

🕓 A lot of time or excessive dedication for the garden project to work.

💪🏼 Superpowers to grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

🌳 A really big garden or a hugh space .

✔️You can grow in the space and time that you want to spend on it. It's a matter of planning a bit and having some tips to enjoy the experience as a whole.

Let's go with 3 ideal species to start planting:

Rocket My favorite!

Rocket ( Eruca sativa ) is an versatile and really fast crop to grow. It´s ideal for anxious people 😉.

Always, we start from seeds , and we will sow directly in the garden-pot-cultivation table or piece of land with a little sun and a good substrate that you have.

Attention: Do not sow too deep, this are very small seeds!

Between 6 and 7 days depending on the temperature and humidity, you will see how they emerge from the ground, a great moment to celebrate!

Between 3 and 6 weeks from sowing you will be enjoying the first harvest . You can cut them with scissors or by hand. We will select the largest ones to give the small ones time to continue growing. You can also consume the smaller leaves and shoots when thinning.

It is a generous crop, for each sowing you can do up to 3 complete harvests!

🌱 Put aside the vegetables in plastic bags from the supermarket and go ahead and plant arugula ❤️

Radish Ideal for sowing with children!

When they tell me they have children and want to do a planting activity with them, the first crop I recommend is radish ( Raphanus sativus ). Why? ... you wonder ... because it is within the infallible cultures!

✔️ Germinates fast (5-7 days).

✔️ It can be grown in any type of container (minimum 20 cm deep).

✔️ Quick harvest a! In 30-40 days depending on the temperature you can be harvesting.

You can write me if you want to know more about the cultivation of radish ❤️!

Lettuce, really fresh!

¡Last crop of this post! Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ). It's a little slower than radish and rocket. But, once taste fresh harvested lettuce, you'll want it forever. And there are so many options!

🥬 You can start from seed or buy the seedlings / plants.

🥬 You can plant it directly in the garden or make your own seedlings.

🥬 You can try varieties (oak leaf, 4-season wonder, batavia, and many others)

🥬 You can harvest leaf by leaf or the entire plant.

🥬 You can plant it with higher density and consume the young leaves in salads.

Try mixing different varieties!

 Oak leaf lettuce

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us, write to us

📩 hola@creaunhuerto.com

Let's do it!

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